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Hands-on Training Systems & Software -                                                               

Another New!   Acoustic Systems Trainer - SONAR Mk iX

  • Sonar Trainer & underwater Acoustics
  • Radar/EW real-time scenarios   
  • Robotics                                               
  • EMC Testing
  • NEW! Radar/EW Simulation software - PREP2

Instructor Guides, and Student training manuals
with all Training Systems.

New! Mk iX  Generic Sonar Trainer
(also R&D Platform)

New! Digital, Generic CBT Radar/EW Trainer
(also R&D Platform)


                  New!  Click here > Wave Energy Generator

 PC or Laptop DAQ Measuring Instruments & Software -

               New! Click here >Combining Multiple Instruments...

Plug in a USB cable, and turn your PC or Laptop into a multi-channel .....

  • Oscilloscope
  • Spectrum Analyzer
  • Y-t Recorder/Data Logger
  • Voltmeter/Frequency Meter
  • Function Generator - AWG
  • Protocol Analyzer
  • Differential or Single ended
  • High Speed USB 
  • Waveform Synthesis/ Analysis

Still No.1 with the top UK engineering Universities!
New! HS4, 5 & HS6 for real engineers

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