EW - Radar Active Target Trainer

Not a simulator!


Real-time EW Jamming Pod + Accessories

In Brief

  • EM Safe, low power Radar Jamming Pod
  • 8 GHz to 12Ghz output
  • Spot Noise Jamming and Burn-Through Range
  • Frequency Agility and Barrage Noise Jamming
  • Video Integration and Track-On-Jam
  • Antennas in EW: Sidelobe Jamming and Space Discrimination
  • Deception Jamming using the Radar Jamming Pod
  • Range Gate Pull-Off  (RGPO)
  • Stealth Technology: The Quest for Reduced RCS
  • Amplitude-Modulation Jamming
  • Cross-Polarization Jamming
  • Multiple-Source Jamming Techniques
  • Chaff Clouds
  • Chaff Decoys