Radio Operator- Electronics Maintenance Trainer



PC-USB Digital Oscilloscope/Spectrum Analyzer/Voltmeter/Signal Generator 









The Radio Operator-Electronics Maintenance
Trainer is designed to allow trainees to use
electronic equipment, such as multimeters,
oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzer, to test and
troubleshoot analog and digital circuits of a
modular two-band radio, from faulty
cards/modules down to component level.

Circuit Cards  
The interconnect board in the chassis can accept
up to a maximum of six functional or faulted
circuit cards from the following selection:


    AM & FM Power Supply  
    AM Generator
    AM & FM Audio   
    AM Power Amplifier
    FM Generator  
    FM RF Stage
    FM Power Amplifier   
    FM IF Stage


Fault Insertion
Instructors can insert different versions of
 pre-faulted cards or defective accessories that
 appear in no way different from functional ones
 to build-up a defect that will cause one or several
 modules to malfunction. As in real radios, one
 faulty card can affect other completely-functional
 cards, thus allowing very realistic troubleshooting.
 The faults include open resistors, open and
 shorted capacitors, open traces, open and
 shorted transistor junctions, open inductors,
 open and shorted diodes and LEDs, faulted
 relays, faulted logic gates and faulted operational
 Complete schematic circuit diagrams are
 supplied with the trainer